Digital transformation consultancy and outsourced ecommerce technology management.

integration & automation

Ecommerce business owners: Eliminate your technology headaches with a single point of contact for all of your integration, automation and systematisation needs.

Ecom platforms
we build on.

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How we can
help your business.

Transformation leadership

Strategic input and proactively maintained digital transformation roadmap.

Analytics & intelligence

Break your data out of silos and bring it all into an easy to analyse environment to enhance decision-making.

System & MVP development

Digitalise your business with joined up systems that create efficiencies and satisfaction!

Tool Development

Remember the 80:20 principle? Sometimes a simple digital tool can save your business a lot!

Workflow automations

No sick days, no bad attitude - just faithful execution of your repeatable processes 24/7/365

Trusted by brilliant minds.

We work with forward-thinking ecommerce businesses that want to develop and scale through beautiful business systems.

Chloe Hardisty

Compound are a joy to work with. Not only are they making our business more resilient and scaleable, they are making our team happy and satisfied with our technology!

Adii Pienaar

Our google sheets-based MVP has not only helped us to very quickly demonstrate our future product to customers to generate early interest, it’s helped our dev team to see and experience what we’re building before we have a single user story code or line of code. The result is that we were able to code a working product in a very short time frame too free our time to focus on our initial growth. I highly recommend getting the Compound team on board to build your no-code proof of concept product.

Eliminate the work that drains your team. Unlock everyone's time to work strategically.

We: Integrate & automate your systems, join up your data.
Work on your business, make smarter decisions, let tech work for you.

Frequently asked questions

How are you different to a digital agency?

The role of digital technology in business has extended beyond marketing (where we started), beyond website development, beyond the scope of most IT specialists (hardware + networking) into an emerging area of digital operations. Compound compliments and enhances the work of all of these people - joining together the digital assets they work on to build an integrated estate, with data flowing to where it's needed.

Do you do social media and ad stuff?

We do not conduct any marketing for our clients, but we make sure that whoever does (agency/staff), has the data they need from other areas in your business to make informed decisions that drive real results.

Are you website developers?

Kind of. We have development capability, but our main focus is NOT on building your website, instead we focus on integrating your website with your business systems to create a better stakeholder experience. We help you make sure that your main web developers are working in alignment with an overarching digital transformation roadmap for your business. We proactively feed into your development plan to help your developers enhance website performance.

What's a big hairy problem you could solve for me right away?

One of the key challenges many ecommerce business owners have is not having all of their sales data in a singular, streamlined dataset for performance analysis. We can do that for you.

Do you work outside of the Shopify ecosystem?

Some of our clients are outside of the Shopify ecosystem (Wordpress and Webflow), but we believe Shopify provides a fundamentally solid commerce foundation for the foreseeable future - so this is where we are focusing our efforts and speciality. We love, love, love the incredibly diverse and competitive app ecosystem, flexibility of the Shopify stack and extraordinary granularity of the Shopify Developer API which affords businesses a lot of flexibility on how they use their data.

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