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We craft business automations and digital tools that extend the power of your people and unlock new levels of productivity and value delivery. Engage us for fast and effective projects that give you cost savings, revenue growth, and a happy feeling inside.

What people say

Our google sheets-based MVP has not only helped us to very quickly demonstrate our future product to customers to generate early interest, it’s helped our dev team to see and experience what we’re building before we have a single user story code or line of code. The result is that we were able to code a working product in a very short time frame too free our time to focus on our initial growth. I highly recommend getting the Compound team on board to build your no-code proof of concept product.
Adii Pienaar

Execution philosophy

We build automations and tools in short sprints to get a working product in your hand rapidly.

Engagement process

You have total control. Here's our approach to giving you that:

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