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Nocode Internal Tool Development

Remember the 80:20 principle? Sometimes a simple digital tool can save your business a lot of labour resources through streamlining and scaling your processes.

Why nocode is your next big move

Do you want software designed explicitly for your needs? Avoid off-the-shelf products and opt for something that is designed to suit you. The thing that will take you to the next level is nocode internal tool development.

Skip the typical software that other businesses are stuck with and opt for solutions that are aimed 100% at your business and your way of working. Bespoke internal tools built in nocode offer unrivaled time to market and ongoing flexibility; ideal to help you meet increasing growth whilst maintaining your personal touch with customers to set yourself apart from other brands. Let’s see why you should opt for nocode for your tools.

What to expect from nocode internal tools?

In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, let’s explain exactly what nocode means.

Traditional internal tool development

Traditional development requires the selection of a code language (or set of languages) to manage the front-end of your application (usually some form of Javascript, HTML and CSS), normally this would be paired with database technology (mySQL - a common relational database language), this would be deployed within a server environment using a stack (NGINX is popular). Then you have a language such as Python which is ‘driving’ the whole system, writing/reading data to/from the server stack to bring the front-end to life in a designed user experience. So far so good. But how long does it take your provider or internal team to build your application? How long does it take to add fields in or move fields around within your internal tool? You just got hold of a beautiful new admin theme from themeforest, and now you just need them to reskin your app. Hello next month (if you’re lucky).

The long and short of coded solutions is that they DO offer you the potential of capable custom internal tools. But they require a lot of upfront work and maintenance effort (upgrades, server admin etc).

Nocode internal tool development

When you use a nocode solution, such as WeWeb or JetAdmin.io, to create your internal tool, you are using a coded tool with a nice visual interface to write code for you. Or you take a Coda-based solution for a simple, notion-like interface with the power of a relational database underneath!  The nocode platform is altering the design, adding the interactions, creating database data fields, binding front-end elements to your data fields, deploying your app to cloud-based servers. Then it is managing version control, server upgrades, monitoring, API documentation. And it generally does this without a sickday or vacation. It is not removing code, it is just doing it for you behind the scenes. This is placing more power and control in the hands of you and your team. 

As you will see, your bespoke internal tool will still be tailored to your business, but it is built differently. By taking the nocode development route, you are achieving greater flexibility than off-the-shelf apps that leave you needing to find workarounds, whilst avoiding the effort, complexity and cost of custom-coded solutions.

Why choose bespoke internal tools? 

Naturally, you need to know why you’re choosing to develop bespoke internal tools, whether in code or nocode, before you start any development in the first place.

You have unique processes

For example: How you handle internal purchase management is most-likely unique to you, driven by your product design, supply chain peculiarities, team composition and SOP design. You’ve outgrown your Google Sheet but you just KNOW that the $499/month ‘off-the-shelf’ SaaS isn’t going to fit you. You’re caught in the middle - right?

Tailor-made solutions

One of the main features of nocode apps, is that they give you massive flexibility to tailor your internal tool. You can rest assured that other competitors will not have the same software solution as you. Your tools become a part of your unique value proposition, the way you set yourselves apart in efficiency and scalability terms and importantly build key intellectual property in your business (handy for a potential future exit). Since technological barriers are reduced, more of your team can be empowered to shape your tools. You can maintain an internal roadmap with a large likelihood of having features developed!

Adaptable software

What most customers care about is flexibility. Naturally, nocode apps offer a flexible solution that enables you to respond to your competitive and ever-changing market. Your tools enable your business to stay competitive, by allowing your tools to grow with the company. It may not just be the front end you want to change, but perhaps the app within which your business data lives: Flicking the switch from one to the other is as simple as visual remapping in a single (albeit busy) weekend! Even then, backend-as-a-service tools like Xano offer quick and easy data import options and a growing array of native integrations. We really are spoiled by this new generation of platforms.

Community and distributed support

One of the lesser-known benefits of nocode is that it has torn down the barriers to entry for highly capable people around the world that can help support, maintain and enhance your nocode internal systems. You’re no longer stuck with 500 well-matched developers, there are tens of thousands of users solving many of the same problems you need to solve. You’re a Google away from solving your own dev problems - the game has changed forever!

This is a far cry from a boutique software house that builds four custom systems per year and has two experts that can fix your tools if a problem or bug strikes. If you choose a well funded, growing nocode tool, you are all but guaranteed a longevity of support which has not been known outside of the enterprise vendors previously.

Bespoke Internal Tools: A Necessity

Being a member of the pack is no longer enough. You must lead the pack to make your brand stand out. And bespoke tools help with that. Although some might think nocode is just the next party trick, it’s much more.

You can scale your sales revenue through a nice 5xROAS in Google and TikTok, but how do you scale your purchasing and account operations? How do you ensure your MRP is outputting all the data you need to have solid real time intelligence? How do you link all of the streams of data?

Your DTC products might have a lot of market potential, but without scaleable internal tools that will give your team superpowers to keep up, your products might not make a difference.

Get Started: Give Nocode Development a Chance

We doubt you’re still on the fence about giving nocode software development a chance. This approach offers massive benefits with so few of the disadvantages.  If you need robust internal tools created specifically for your needs that allow flexibility, agility, and customisation, get in touch.

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