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EKM Integration Experts

We are certified EKM experts, with 12+ years of experience of developing automations and systems in this tool.

EKM is an integrated ecommerce platform based in the UK. It offers businesses an all-in-one platform off the shelf. We help EKM customers with non-native integrations and workflows so they can connect up their stack and automate everything possible!

Why do we think EKM is great?

We have previously helped EKM store owners gain back 4+ hours per day by removing copy and paste from their business. Most EKM shop owners know that they are spending precious time on repetitive processes but don't always know how they can spend any more time to learn how to build automations for their ecommerce shop. That's where we come in.

We can either build the ecom automations that you know will instantly start saving you time, or you can engage us to review your business and bring our playbook of ecommerce automations – our consultants can tell you where you will get the biggest bang for your buck in terms of time savings.

EKM has a wonderful and growing ecosystem of native integrations, but every native limitation is necessarily built with assumptions 'baked in' because that's how 'most businesses work'. What if your requirements are non standard? For example you need to integrate your EKM store with your Sage accounting package with specific instructions from your bookkeeper about how to code transactions? Just tell us what the logic is that you require and we can build your integration 100% aligned with that.

What if the other apps you use alongside your EKM store do not have a native integration? Don't worry, just tell us about your apps and we can tell you how they can be integrated. If an app has an Application Programming Interface (API) we can integrate it with your EKM store. Sometimes we can also integrate apps without APIs using a technology called browser bots which can mimic a person using a mouse and keyboard. If you have the will to automate, we have the way.

We can construct automations to assist the other parts of your business to keep up with your need to scale, reduce cost or enhance your customer experience: Order Management, Fulfilment, Returns, Customer Support, Customer Relationship Management, Analytics, Marketing, Sales (e.g. Wholesale deals), Finance, Business Intelligence.

What kinds of EKM automations could we build?

  • Sync orders from EKM to Sage Accounting finance software, finding or creating customers on the fly.
  • Exporting EKM store orders in real-time to CSV, XLS, XML, HTML, PDF.
  • Completing the advanced Zapier or Make automations that you couldn't quite get finished.
  • Integrate EKM with courier companies like Tuffnell's or another logistics company for whom no direct integration is available.

What have we built with EKM?

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What might you integrate EKM with?

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EKM Experts.

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