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Digitalise your business with joined up systems that create efficiencies by isolating and harnessing your business logic in fantastic tools like Airtable's relational databases.

The internet era has brought changes to numerous business fields in recent years. Retail is no exception. eCommerce is steadily gaining momentum and shows no signs of stopping. An increasing number of buyers are already shopping online, and studies say many more will join them in the future. 

If retail falls under your line of work, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of this trend and create a stable eCommerce website. While this is not an easy job, some elements can help you do it. Bulletproof eCommerce website backend systems are one of them.

Keep reading to learn what eCommerce backend systems represent, how they’ll function in relation to your platform, and why they’re so important for eCommerce.

What Are eCommerce Backend Systems?

Running an eCommerce business involves more than managing one eCommerce website. The system cannot function properly without back-office applications to support it. We commonly refer to these applications as backend systems. They derive their name from the way they operate — in the background. eCommerce website backend systems supply processing to front-end applications, which are those customers can see and interact with.

Backend systems handle a number of diverse retail-related operations like managing inventory, dealing with order fulfillment, planning, updating databases, and so on. These systems are pillars of an eCommerce website that enable its proper day-to-day functioning. 

Integrated Backend Systems

Today’s eCommerce platforms need more than one backend system to support them. In fact, the ecosystem of backend apps your eCommerce website may require is likely to be quite robust. Naturally, it’s not easy to manage so many systems, maintain the databases updated, and keep the frontend platform functioning efficiently.

This is where integrated systems come into the picture. Namely, getting bulletproof backend systems is not the only challenge eCommerce business managers are facing. Those systems need to properly work together and become integrated for the business to function in the long run.

Integrated backend systems don’t require manual and duplicated data entry. Instead, they allow data to flow automatically from one system to another and get updated regularly. They also keep the data accurate, provide a better overview of all information in your system, and save your business money and time.

Why Are Strong Backend Systems Important in eCommerce?

The eCommerce industry is a challenging field to succeed in. The market is oversaturated, the competition is a tough nut to crack, and trends are constantly changing. If you want to keep your business afloat, you’ll have to stay on top of your game at all times and always look for ways to get ahead of your competitors. Ensuring you have a strong foundation and enough room for growth is one of the fundamental ways you can do this.

We’ve already mentioned that backend systems represent the pillars of your eCommerce business. In that sense, they are the foundation whose stability you’ll have to maintain and invest in. Having a strong backend for eCommerce website will help you grow and scale your business.

Advantages of Stable Integrated Backend Systems for eCommerce

A cohesive backend ecosystem can help your business improve in numerous ways. The following list comprises some of the most important areas they affect:

  • Order fulfillment — Backend systems manage and record orders, keep track of stock, deal with shipping, and notify customers of the stage their shipment has reached. If they’re built well and integrated with one another and the frontend platform, backend systems will do these tasks efficiently and keep your customers happy.
  • Data accuracy and safety — Bulletproof backend for eCommerce website automate data entry processes and eliminate errors in databases. Correctly configured backend systems also encrypt that data and protect it from cyber-attacks.

Business growth — The better eCommerce backend solution your business has to fall back on, the more potential it’ll have to develop. Well-built and integrated backend systems will be able to handle a great volume of orders and allow you to enter other marketplaces and expand your offer.


Today’s successful eCommerce business has strong, well-configured, and integrated backend systems behind it. They manage important business operations, update and protect data and information, and keep customers satisfied and loyal. Many have already started streamlining their business processes using integrated backend systems. With our eCommerce backend solution, you can take your business to the next level, too. Make sure to contact us and get started right away!

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