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Clients that are unsure of exactly how they wish to manage their inventory (i.e. no truly defined processes yet) find it very hard to commit to an off-the-shelf inventory management system because they do not yet know if it can scale and flex with them.


Airtable is 'unopinionated' software - you can develop it as flexibly as you like to suit your own needs and preferences. Therefore it's perfect for situations where your business processes are emerging.

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Project Description

We have developed inventory systems in Airtable which allow for three major types of inventory: Raw Materials, Components (or sub-assemblies) and finished products. Each can have their own SKU rules and flexible data structure. The system handles the transformation of raw materials into components (sub-assemblies) and both raw mats and components into finished products ready for pick and pack.

We developed bill of material logic allowing for flexible mapping of one type into another.

This solution is a perfect foundation for young DTC ecommerce businesses that are still exploring how they wish to work and are not yet ready to onboard with a full-blown MRP such as Katana.

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