Prevent Multiple Purchases of a Product on Shopify

Various Clients


Various clients have wanted to give away a free product for the cost of postage, to acquire subscribers but they can usually only prevent abuse (multiple orders) by manually checking order history or having a good memory.


We built a set of workflows and site mods which tagged the customer in Shopify once they had purchased the free gift for the first time. The tag was used to personalise their logged in site experience to prevent further purchases.

Apps integrated

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Project Description

Using control flow if.then logic on Shopify, we are able to hide the add to cart and checkout buttons for those who were on a free product page.

However if they signed up for a new account (some people are desperate for free stuff) and purchased the free gift - we had another Zap which inspected all orders that contained information which identified a 'free gift' within the order payload, we then checked address database of all previous purchasers for postcode match. If found, we can either flag this to fulfilment team members OR go ahead and delete the order, and send them a polite email from a branded address.

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