Automated Supplier RFQ System

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The client had no way to automatically capture, process and allocate UK-wide traffic from their website to their network of product suppliers to swiftly request a quotation.


We developed a comprehensive platform, based around a complex Google Sheet, which facilitated the matching of incoming enquiries with the client's database of suppliers according to region and compatibility data.

Apps integrated

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Project Description

We developed a spreadsheet driven system which powers an entirely new business unit for the client.

This system receives an input from the clients' website users who submit a Jotform form featuring their delivery address for materials.

The system references a supplier database that details which materials that supplier can deliver and the areas they can deliver to, at a county level.

The system parses key details from the website user's submitted data, matches the request to relevant suppliers based on our lookup logic, and requests a price from each of those providers.

Phase 2 of the system will include capturing structured prices from the suppliers, any relevant price adjustments and sending of the price, in a bespoke pdf quotation to the enquiring user. All maintainable within a simple, well designed Google Sheets backend database.

The system enabled the launch of an entirely new, mostly-automated, business unit within a matter of weeks. Facilitating scale, increasing reach and service provision out of hours.

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