Free Ecommerce Referral App built in Zapier and Jotform



The client had a free-gift promotion which they wanted to scale to acquire new customers. They didn't want to deploy a site-wide referral scheme - just something small, nimble and quick to market.


We developed a simple but uniquely styled Jotform front end that captured referrer's email as well as those of their friends. This was wired to a simple workflow which sent a customised email to the recipients.

Apps integrated

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Project Description

The sleek front end refer-a-friend form was embedded onto the desired Shopify product page. Using JotForm's handy 'HTML widget' we were able to give the referrer a real-time rendered preview of the look and content of the referral email that was about to be sent in their name (to boost confidence and thus conversions). They could watch their name and that of their friends populate in the email preview as they typed.

When they hit enter, the JotForm data was piped via Zapier into a 'Send Email' action in Gmail.

The link sent to the referred friends was tagged with UTM parameters to ensure traceability on post-send activity.


Within a couple of weeks of launch, the client had obtained a staggering number of new subscribers (part of the free gift flow) and referred friends (receivers of the referral email) converted at almost double the global site average. All activity was obtainable within Google Analytics due to UTM tags.

System walkthrough

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