Quickbooks Product Data Exporter

Need to export Quickbooks product IDs? So did we and we got frustrated with Quickbooks poor support and functionality in this regard. So we built this free tool to export product IDs from Quickbooks ourselves.



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What does the Quickbooks Product Data Exporter do?


It seems nigh on impossble to navigate anywhere in Quickbooks to find the system generated IDs of your products and services, and this information is needed when you want to add these products or services to automatically generated invoices.


We developed a Zap featuring a code block that exports your Quickbooks product data, including IDs into Google Sheets. This makes the data available to lookup during zaps or Integromat scenarios.

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Demo video

How to Export Quickbooks Product IDs - with Zapier and Google Sheets

Video: Set up the Quickbooks Product Data Exporter for yourself

The video below will walk you through exactly what you need to do to get the Quickbooks Product Data Exporter working for you right now!

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We've made this tool easy to reuse in your own projects. You can purchase it below, either as a self-serve (with instructional video) or we can log in and implement it for you.

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