Sales Call Capture Form & Salesforce Workflow

We crafted and deployed an easy to use 'call capture form' form to a sales team that saved them from the tyranny of the repetition of a 5-6 step process of object creation in Salesforce (Customer, Account, Opportunity, Contract, Case/Lead) and made it as simple as submitting a simple form.

Members of the sales team had key details pre-filled in their form as a further time-saving measure.

This resulted in massive time savings per captured call and freed the team up not only to make more calls, but to focus on information quality by spending more time on the sales conversation!

Advanced form logic kept the form very simple, and able to expand dependant on input - this keeps erroneous input to an absolute minimum.

Overall a 15 minute process of Salesforce object creation was shortened to around 2 minutes of user input - an 86.67% reduction in non-value adding effort wastage.

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